Supporting experimental approaches to collectively meeting our daily needs of shelter, food, transport, care, and connection.

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We want something better than the individualist isolation, brutal unfairness and impending ecological collapse of late-stage capitalism, and we don’t want to wait for top-down change to provide it for us.

Sprouting from the cracks in late stage capitalism, Panga supports explorations of potential better futures - trying them out now to build better lives for ourselves, and helping develop models useful to others. It’s not a singular utopia, it’s a way of collaborating just enough to support multiple autonomous experiments and to connect with all the great projects that already exist.


September 2023


January 0001

The Panga Campfire

Why a Campfire? Collectivist experiments have highlighted the value of cultivating decentralised networks large enough to support multiple self-governing groups yet small enough that everyone is connected to everyone else, either directly or via someone they trust. Complementing the continued flourishing of existing networks, Panga is a project seeking to combine networked relationships with small-group self-governance to cultivate multiple place-based experiments in collectively meeting our daily needs. As part of this vision, we are invoking a metaphorical Campfire to gather around and immerse in hopepunk conversations about potential better futures.

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